Thread: enum [tag] [: type] Is this non-standard?

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    Question enum [tag] [: type] Is this non-standard?

    Is defining the data type of an enumeration "non-standard"? (non-standard is probably a ambiguous term, but I'm sure you know what I'm asking)

    enum foo:short{foo1, foo2};
    I just find it unusual that when I compile with Warning level set to maximum [using VC 2005] that it fires off the warning:

    warning C4480: nonstandard extension used: specifying underlying type for enum 'Test'
    The warning of "non-standard extension" raises my eyebrow. Should I not be trying to define the type of my enum? [My Google searches didn't turn up much]

    The following definition of enum is taking directly off of MSDN:
    enum [tag] [: type] {enum-list} [declarator]; // for definition of enumerated type

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    It is nonstandard, but it is expected to be part of the C++0x standard.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    Thumbs up woah

    Woah, I should keep up with the times. Never heard of the term C++0x standard, but Wikipedia'ed itand thats a lot of great info. Certainly cleared up my question and more.. thanks.

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