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    Exclamation help for writing codes

    Write, CCompile and EExecute a C++ program that inputs a telephone number as a
    string in the form (392) 630-1234. The program should use standard function strtok( )
    to extract the area code (sequence of digits shown in parentheses) as a token, the first three
    digits of the phone number as a token, and the last four digits of the phone number as a token. The seven
    digits of the phone number should be concatenated into one string containing no blanks. Both the area code
    and the phone number are then sent to the output.
    The initial part of the program may look as follows (You are free to follow it or to make certain modifications):
     #include <iostream >
    using namespace std;
    ... ... < other files for inclusion > ... ...
    #include <cstring >
    int main( )
    const int SIZE1 = 20;
    ... ... < other declarations, if needed > ... ...
    char p[ SIZE1 ];
    char * tokenPtr; // store temporary token
    char * areaCode; // store area code (token 1)
    char * phone; // store the phone number
    cout << "Enter a phone number in the form (555) 555-5555: ";
    cin.getline( p, SIZE1 );
    ... ... ... // remaining part of the program
    Hypothetical dialogue may have the form given below:
    Enter a phone number in the form (555) 555-5555: (392) 630-1234
    Area code (token 1) is 392
    Telephone number (concatenated tokens 2 and 3) is 6301234
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    I like how you left this part out:

    (see pages 199-200 in the textbook)
    Lazy, lazy, lazy.

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    i want to know how to write codes too!

    by the way, sonturk, without having even looked at your quote (quote, not question), were going to need you to do a little more before we offer any help (im already giving too much).

    we do not care what your assignment is word for word. if you want help, tell us what youve done, what went wrong/what was supposed to happen, and any code and error messages (those should be word for word!) that you have.

    now try again. help us help you.

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