Thread: Discarding blank lines?

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    Discarding blank lines?


    I'm writing a program that takes input from a file called index.txt. I want to be able to discard blank lines. This is what I have:

           while (!feof(fp_fileNamesCheck))
                char buf[256];
                fgets(buf, 255, fp_fileNamesCheck);
                if (strlen(buf) > 1)
    This works when I have many blank lines in the document, but it doesn't catch trailing blank lines.

    Ex, it catches


    but doesn't catch


    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Read the FAQ on why using feof() to control a loop is bad.

    Use the return result of fgets() instead.
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    Better to just check if buf[0] == '\n'.
    This is also C, not C++.

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    Thanks. I got it.

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