Thread: My program crashes with this code

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    Unhappy My program crashes with this code

    I am trying to it to get a user response, search it against the list of pre-defined introductions and return and introduction to the program.. but when I enter hello or any other one, the program crashes. What am I doing wrong, please.

    void introduction()
    char introarray[20][20]=
    int i;
    for (i = 0; i < 20; i++)
    int t;
    while(strstr(uresponse,introarray[t + 1])!=NULL)
    cout << "Hello, how are you?.\n";
    i = 20;

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    2 things:

    1st: instead of using strstr, use strcmp which is made for comparing strings

    2nd: uresponse is not declared inside the function, therefore, it goes out of scope if it is declared outside of the function.

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    Apart from what gunfinguy4 has pointed, I see that your t is not initalized to anything. Also you don't seem to increment t in the while loop either.
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    Yeah, I took out the t because I realized I could easily just use the i. I am a fairly new programmer... well, I am not new but I havent done anything in about 6 years and it is hard to remember everything, or at times anything. Thanks for the help!

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