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    Saving to a file

    HI all
    I am trying to make a small database to help me improve my skill but i am totally stuck so can someone please help me. I want it so if the person enters n it goes to the start of the program and if the user enters y it carries on and saves the file, but I dont know how to evaluate user input.
    #include<fstream>// headerfile for output/input 
    using namespace std; 
    int main() 
        string personname;
        string activity;
        string arriving;
        string answer;
        ofstream djout; // declare our djoutput"C:\\TEST.txt"); // opens/creates and edits "TEST.txt" 
        cout << "Please enter the persons name: ";
        getline (cin, personname);
        cout << "Please enter the activity: ";
        getline (cin, activity);
        cout << "How are they arriving: ";
        getline (cin, arriving);
        cout << "Please confirm the details: ";
        cout << "Name: " << personname << endl;
        cout << "Activity: " << activity << endl;
        cout << "Arriving by: " << arriving << endl;
        cout << "Are the details correct? Y/N" << endl;
        getline (cin, answer);
        if (answer == 'y')
           djout << personname << endl;
           djout << activity << endl;
           djout << arriving << endl;
           djout.flush(); // to save the file, you must close the file, or flush 
           djout.close(); // the buffer to the file Closing the file will not let 
                       // you access it anymore, so only call it when you are 
                       // done using the file and it will automatically save 
                       // the file for you. Flushing the buffer will write the 
                       // buffer to the file and still keep the file open, so 
                       // use this function when necessary. 
        if (answer == 'n')
                   //I want it to go back to the beginning of the program
            cout << "System error sorry guys im not always right :)" << endl;
        return 0; 
    Can someone please show me what to do lol

    Many thanks


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    You need a loop:
        // Ask user for input here
        // Ask if input is correct or not here
    } while( answer == "n" );
    // Continue with rest of program here
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    Use a loop, then do continue to start the loop over, if you want or just let the loop do it automatically for you.
    Btw, since answer is std::string, you should do
    if (answer == "y")
    Not the quotes there. Single quotes are for comparing a char, not a char* or any sort of string class. Though you could do
    answer[0] == 'y'
    this may give unintended effect since the user can enter ysklsd,vjkhdf,gjhdfgjhdfg and it'll still work (interpret as yes).

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