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    opening a file Descriptor

    Hello all,
    iam working on some project in which i need to open a file descriptor and send it to the streambuf,
    which iam doing like
    ifstream f(fd);
    streambuf * buf2=f.rdbuf();
    but main problem is that they are casting to
    ifstream f((const char *)fd)
    streambuf * buf2=f.rdbuf();
    because of which the file is not getting opened ,if i remove that leads to error there are using some conventions

    there are many ways are also there like
    File *ptr=fdopen(fd);
    which is successfull and returning the value.
    but i want the the output to be given in streambuf which other parts of my project is using,
    can u tell me is there any way to convert the file pointer to the streambuf or is there anyway of reading the file so that the output will result in the streambuf
    with this convention
    ((const char *)fd)
    please help me.

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    An ifstream takes a filename as the constructor parameter. That's because a filename is the only remotely portable thing.

    An ifstream does not take a file descriptor as the constructor parameter. Nor will you find a way to convince it to.

    You pretty much have to write your own stream buffer for file descriptors. Or you might find a pre-written one. Perhaps your standard library even supports it as an extension. Or it might support creating a file stream from a FILE*; then you could use fdopen().
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    thank u for quick reply,

    please can u tell is there any way i can convert filepointer to
    streambuf, or as u told

    might find a pre-written one

    if u have any examples please help me, iam totally trying all the possibility
    but nothing is working please help me.

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    You'd have to wrap calls to fopen(), fdopen(), or other similar items. That is what I think CornedBee is telling you.

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    Hello all,
    please still if u have any example or code or still more explanation will be
    very helpful because almost all i tried from all perspective,
    asking for expert suggestion or help .

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    My guess would be you would create your own class derived from streambuf, and then hide the fd inside that class.

    Then provide appropriate member functions which work on a streambuf which do the right thing with the fd inside the class.
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