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    Simple makefile problem

    As I'm writing some simple email server app, I decided it's probably good idea to create my very first makefile.. Guess it didn't go that well...

    OBJ = main.o EmailServer.o BasicServer.o Tokenizer.o Socket.o
    BIN = EmailServer
    FLG = -Wall -pthread -c
    $(BIN): $(OBJ)
            g++ $(OBJ) -o $(BIN)
    main.o: main.cpp
            g++ $(FLG) main.cpp -o main.o
    EmailServer.o: EmailServer.cpp EmailServer.h
            g++ $(FLG) EmailServer.cpp -o EmailServer.o
    BasicServer.o: BasicServer.cpp BasicServer.h
            g++ $(FLG) BasicServer.cpp -o BasicServer.o
    Tokenizer.o: Tokenizer.cpp Tokenizer.h
            g++ $(FLG) Tokenizer.cpp -o Tokenizer.o
    Socket.o: Socket.cpp Socket.h
            g++ $(FLG) Socket.cpp -o Socket.o
            rm -f *.obj core
    And well, when I try to make it, I get the following output:

    g++ -Wall -pthread -c main.cpp -o main.o
    g++ -Wall -pthread -c EmailServer.cpp -o EmailServer.o
    g++ -Wall -pthread -c BasicServer.cpp -o BasicServer.o
    g++ -Wall -pthread -c Tokenizer.cpp -o Tokenizer.o
    g++ -Wall -pthread -c Socket.cpp -o Socket.o
    g++ main.o EmailServer.o BasicServer.o Tokenizer.o Socket.o -o EmailServer
    BasicServer.o: In function `BasicServer::startNewThread(unsigned long&, void* (*)(void*), void*)':
    BasicServer.cpp:(.text+0x89): undefined reference to `pthread_create'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [EmailServer] Error 1
    Even though problem might seem quite simple, I didn't manage to find solution for it...
    I also tried -lpthread instead of -pthread, no results. If anybody knows how to fix/improve (or maybe I should completely rebuild my makefile, as if it could be wrong to the root ), I'll gladly hear your suggestions.

    I'm using gcc 4.1.2 and make 3.81 with SUSE Linux.

    Oh, and some include info (in case it might help);
    BasicServer.h includes <pthread.h>
    BasicServer.h includes Socket,
    EmailServer.h includes BasicServer
    EmailServer.cpp includes Tokenizer
    main.cpp includes EmailServer


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    Add this:

    And change this:

    $(BIN): $(OBJ)
            g++ $(OBJ) -o $(BIN)
    To this:

    $(BIN): $(OBJ)
            g++ $(OBJ) -o $(BIN) $(LDFLAGS)

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    Oh, thanks a lot brewbuck, works now :-)

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