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    Template Partial Specialization

    Hello everyone,

    About Template Partial Specialization,

    sometimes in real case like below,

    there will be two definitions at the same time,

    template <typename T>
    class Foo {
    template <typename T>
    class Foo <T *>
    In theory, compiler will match the latter one with first priority compared with the 1st one.

    My question is, I tihnk for basic data types it is easy to match,


    when we pass Foo <int*>, the latter one is matched and T is int. But for arbitrary data types, like used data types, how could compiler judge whether a type is pointer (when the latter template class should be matched) or not a pointer (when the first template class should be matched).

    thanks in advance,

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    For arbitrary data types, it's still a pointer if it's a pointer, and not a pointer if it's not. Smart pointers don't count.
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    The compiler obviously knows if a type is a pointer type. There is no confusion here. The most specialized template wins.

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