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    I try running a make file using

    >make supersonic_ob

    but get the following error message:

    >makefile:2: *** missing separator. Stop.
    #***OpenCGDS Makefile
    include ../../../makefile.def
    GCOMPILE = g++
    CODE     = supersonic_ob
    OBJECTS = $(CODE).o flow_field.o matrix_square.o matrix_col.o matrix_functions.o 
    matrix_algebra.o matrix_derivative.o function_declarations.o output.o Boundary.o explicit.o Time_Step.o
    $(CODE): $(OBJECTS)
    	 $(GCOMPILE) $(CPPFLAGS) -o $(CODE) $(OBJECTS) $(LAMATRIXPP_LIB) $(LAPACKPP_LIB) $(LASPP_LIB) -lm -lg2c -llapack -lblas$ 
     &nbps    rm *.o
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    Well a couple of things perhaps:
    1. your OBJECTS assignment is spread over several lines.
    2. there's a blank line between your target and compilation.
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