Thread: Checking to see if an individual element in an array is filled

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    Checking to see if an individual element in an array is filled

    Hi everyone,

    I am writing the insert function for a hashtable and I am having one issue. When going to insert a new integer I have to check to see if a bin is full or not.
    To do this I am doing,

    while(array[hashinsert] !=0 )

    However the compiler reads this as, if that bin does not have a 0 in it. How do I make it so it checks to see if it is already occupied.


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    You need another array of booleans, say
    if ( ! inuse[hashinsert] )

    Then set it to true when you update array[hashinsert]
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    OR, you have to pick a value that you never plan to use such as -1 and use that to mean that the spot is empty, which would work if you were say only ever intending to store positive numbers.
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    Ok, thanks i, that is what I is working perfectly!

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