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    Link warning 64 bit

    Hey I'm getting this warning in Visual Studio 2005 that I'd like to get rid of:
    PBPolyBoost64.exp : warning LNK4070: /OUT:PBPolyBoost.dlx directive in .EXP differs from output filename 'C:\3dsmax9\SDK\maxsdk\samples\testing\PBPolyBoost\x64\PBPolyBoost64.dlx'; ignoring directive
    I'm not sure where that directory in the .exp is set, can't find it in the properties. I guess it is some setting that is left over after compiling for 32 bit. The build is successful but I want to get rid of this warning. Appreciates some help.

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    I stuck "LNK4070" into google and found this:
    You will see this warning if you change the name of an output file in the development environment and where the project's .def file was not updated. Manually update the .def file to resolve this warning.

    A client program that uses the resulting DLL might encounter problems.
    Also see

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    Aha, yes that fixed it. Thanks a lot!

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