Thread: Program Help C++ Arrays/Pointers/Streams involved

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    Program Help C++ Arrays/Pointers/Streams involved

    So I created a data file with the following integers in it:
    4 2
    -3 1
    10 7
    3 5

    the first number is the dimension of my matrices and the rest represent two
    2x2 matrices
    |4 2 | |10 7 |
    |-3 1| | 3 5 |
    now I ask the user for the name of this input file that I created which is very simple. Then comes the troublesome stuff for me.

    I want to read this data from the input file onto a multidimensional dynamic array of integers by using pointers and new.

    Lastly I want to multiply the two matrices and print the result on the screen (which I have already figured out a loop for doing multiplying them w/out using pointers just simple arrays but I can't figure it out with pointers/streams).

    Here is what I have gotten so far I need some suggestions/insight on where to go from here b/c I am stuck b/c i get so confused with how I should read the integers from my input file and incorporate that into a loop that multiplies the two matrices.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    typedef int* IntArrayPtr;
    int main()
            string infile;
            cout<<"Enter the input file: ";
            ifstream in_stream;
            if (
              cout<<"Input file "<< infile <<" opening failed.\n";
            IntArrayPtr *m = new IntArrayPtr[2];
            in_stream >> number;
            while (in_stream >> number)
    Thanks for reading.

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    >> IntArrayPtr *m = new IntArrayPtr[2];
    That code allocates space for two int pointers. You still have to allocate space for two ints for each pointer (hint: use a loop).

    Also, your problem states that the first number read in from the file is the dimension of the matrix, so why are you using 2 there and not the first number you read from the file?

    Finally, note that pointers and new are poor ways of creating dynamic arrays in C++. If your class/instructor allows it, a vector is much more appropriate.

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    So the first line is the number of matrices right?

    Lets begin with this
    int (*mats)[2][2];
    which will be our pointer to a number of [2][2] matrices.

    Then we do this with the first line
    in_stream >> numMats;
    mats = new int[numMats][2][2];
    Then we read all the data
    for ( m = 0 ; m < numMats ; m++ ) {
      for ( r = 0 ; r < 2 ; r++ ) {
        for ( c = 0 ; c < 2 ; c++ ) {
          if_stream >> mats[m][r][c];
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