Thread: pseudocode for multiple source files

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    pseudocode for multiple source files


    I need to write the deign for a program which I am writing for a school project. I am using qt4 for the gui so there will be around 3-4 source files. This is my first time writing a design for a program which consists of more than one file and I am unsure as to how I should structure it. Should the pseudocode reflect the gui, as in 'this button will perform this function' or should it reflect the structure of the source files which will be very different from the layout of the gui obviously. How do all you experienced programmers do it? :P


    P.S: I was unsure which board to post this in, I apologize if I picked the wrong one.

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    Please clarify who wanna write the pseudo code or make a design for a program ?

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    I don't think there's a unique answer to this question, different programmers have different design methodologies, and each one has their pros and cons.

    That being said, here are some design patterns that you should probably have a look at (and I say that because they are my personnal favorites, not necessarily out of certainty that they will help you) :
    Observer pattern
    Command pattern
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    It's me who is writing/designing this program. Thanks for the links, I'll have a look. I thought there was a set method to writing designs but choosing your own is great and should be easier.

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    There may also be a pseudo-code standard at your school (or workplace) which you should apply. There is no formal definitions of pseudo-code [the words themselves means "false code", but perhaps a better translation is "not genuine code" - for example, you can have complex types in pseudo-code in a language that has no complex types].

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