Thread: Ambiguity error with double as parameter type

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    Ambiguity error with double as parameter type

    For the following code I'm getting the following error: line 15

    "Ambiguity between 'std::sqrt(double)' and 'sqrt(double)' in function main()"

    I compared the code with my friend's and they were practically identically. Yet, his got no errors. I copied and pasted his code, compiled it, and ran it. It got the same ambiguity error! The assignment itself is just a square root function and that's not the problem. The code is below:

    using namespace std;
    double sqrt(double x){
            double counter = 1;
            double guess = 1;
            while (counter < 20){
                    guess = (guess + (x/guess))/2;
                    counter = counter + 1;
            return guess;
    int main(void){
            double a;
            cin >> a;
            cout << sqrt(a);
            return 0;

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    Your friend is probably using a different compiler.

    The problem is that <cmath>, apparently indirectly included through <iostream> on your compiler, defines a function called sqrt already, and due to your using statement, the compiler doesn't know whether you want to call your function or std::sqrt.

    There are two solutions.
    1) Give your own function a different name.
    2) Remove the using statement and either import cin and cout selectively or fully qualify them. But you will probably run afoul of the global sqrt in <math.h> soon. So, it's best if you just don't use names used by the standard library.
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    The header <cmath> already has a sqrt function. It seems that each compiler treats this kind of thing differently (MingW compiles and calls custom sqrt) and your safest solution might be to rename the function.
    I might be wrong.

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