Thread: liniting values of a custom coordinate

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    liniting values of a custom coordinate

    I'm trying to create a coordinate system for a half-sphere object.

    The values need to range (in degrees) from -90 to positive 90 both horizontally and vertically.

    Creating this coordinate scheme is no real challenge, but I'd like to define a coordinate object that won't allow for values outside of my range:

    -90.0000 <= x <= 90.0000

    Any thoughts how to go about this? Any disadvantages to this approach (creating this kind of object?)

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    ok, i guess it's pretty inefficient to create another object just to limit the values so uhh nevermind.

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    Having a class to enforce usage of something [e.g. a range] is definitely a valid use. But of course, it does depend on circumstances.

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    A library that would do exactly that is currently under discussion on the Boost mailing list. If things go quickly, it could be accepted around new year.
    Of course, that would mean it would be in an actual release around summer 2008, so don't hold your breath. But the use case is definitely valid.
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