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    Question new2programmming in c++

    I have just begun learning c++, and had a question:

    Do I need to learn binary math in order to program? I've already come across situations in my book where binary math is referred to and used. Should I get a book on binary math and learn it? Is this 100% neccessary?

    Please respond. Thank You.

    Jason Carrasquillo

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    Nope, but it is always good to know it.

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    you can go a long way without knowing binary math. but the more things you know the more options/opportunities become available to you. There is no questions knowledge and fluency can be very beneficial, depending on the type of programming you wish to do, but it is not "essential" to programming per se.

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    It's always good to know it, besides it's not that hard to do. Or you could just use your Windows Calculator which has binaries, but it is good to know it even if you're using the calculator.
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