Thread: HELP with template casting!!!!!!

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    HELP with template casting!!!!!!

    this code:
    gives the compile error:
    test_templates.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
    test_templates.cpp:51: error: expected `(' before 'g'
    test_templates.cpp:51: error: expected `)' before ';' token
    test_templates.cpp:51: error: invalid const_cast from type 'bar<lab2::Gregorian>' to type 'bar<lab2::Julian>*'

    where the Julian and Gregorian are date classes that inherit from Date
    How do I "make" the variable j as if it was of <template> type Georgian?

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    1) templ<Bar> is completely unrelated to templ<Foo>, even if Foo and Bar are in an inheritance relationship. There can be no conversion between the two that is not explicitly specified by the template.

    2) You cannot const_cast between different types. Only between cv-qualified versions of one type.

    3) You cannot cast an object to a pointer type. Especially not with const_cast.

    4) Casting between Gregorian and Julian calenders does not make sense. You can perhaps convert between them, but it would be a really bad idea to have the conversion implicit.

    5) C++ cast expressions (the *_cast<> things) need parentheses around the argument.
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