Thread: Suggestions on how to calculate something

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    Suggestions on how to calculate something

    I am trying to calculate the height of nodes in a tree. I think that if I take the closest power of 2 that is larger than the number of nodes in a tree and subtract one from it, that would be the height of the node. For example,
    if a tree has 15 nodes, the closest power of 2 higher than 15 is 4, so the height of that node with respect to the node is 3. So it seems that it works, but I am having trouble coding it. Can anyone provide tips or suggestions to get me on track? Thanks.

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    What kind of tree are you talking about? For example, a binary search tree could degenerate into a linked list type of structure, and a multiway tree could have 15 child nodes for the root, so the height would just be 1.
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    That would certainly work for a heap, but won't be 100% accurate for a binary tree. Even an AVL tree with 15 nodes can be a tiny bit unbalanced.

    I guess the question is, do you want it to be accurate, or just fast?
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    It is for an AVL Tree and my class already has methods for rebalancing the tree. However, I am trying to store the height information within the node struct of each node, so that I can later get the internal path length of the tree.
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