Thread: How start off with C++

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    How start off with C++

    Hello all:

    I have been using C-language fror many years. Now I realized that I have to learn the C++. Many new functions there I can not find in C.

    Could you please tell me what the good way is to expand my skill to C++.

    Thanks. --Zhao

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    If you have a pretty good grasp of C then you should pick up C++ quite quickly as the syntax of both languages are very similar. C++ offers OOP which is totally new to a C programmer but its not to hard, just an extension to C-style structs with a lot more on top of that.

    Best idea is to get a C++ book and learn from that although you can proberly skip the simple basics dependant on your experience. The tutorials on this and other sites may also be of use to you.
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    Take a look at the tutorial. A good intermediate C programmer should be able to work-through the tutorial in a few hours. (One weakness of the tutorial is that it covers C-style strings, rather than C++ string objects.) Here's another tutorial. I'm not sure if it covers C++ strings...

    The following books make good "2nd" C++ books, and are good for people who already know C:

    Quote Originally Posted by DougDbug

    Thinking In C++, by Bruce Eckel - These (2 volumes) make good 2nd C++ books. They cover many C++ topics in depth. ( I think they are supposed to be beginning C++ books for people who already know C.) Thinking In C++ is available FREE online, or you can buy it in hard-copy.

    The C++ Programming Language, by Bjarne Stroustrup - This book has some really helpful information in it. But, it is rather difficult to understand. It seems to have been written for advanced Computer Science students who don't know any C++. It is cool owning the book by the creator of C++!

    The C++ Standard Library, by Nicolai M. Josuttis - I believe this a complete reference to the Standard Template Library (not the entire standard library). It makes a good 2nd C++ book if your beginning book doesn't cover the STL.
    And, you can take a look at the Recommended Books Thread.

    Here are a couple of good online C++ language references:

    You can also download the ANSI/ISO Language Standard from ANSI for $30 USD. NOTE - This is a technical specification, not a "handy reference".

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    I used to use C language for scientific calculation, such as solving differential equations. C++ has another great usage is for windows programming, I don't care for that.

    Where can I find a good "C++ tutorial" on the Web that satisfy my purpose and is able to be downloaded. I hope I can read it not from screen.

    If a good book also has CD of the excerises, that will be great, too. --Zhao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yumin View Post
    I used to use C language for scientific calculation, such as solving differential equations. C++ has another great usage is for windows programming, I don't care for that.
    C++ is not limited to that alone.
    If you ask me, C++ is superior to C in every possible way. C can still be used from C++ (and mixed with C++) too.
    But as you know, a programming language is not defined from what its used for. C++ can be good for scientific calculation and differential equations, as well, if you just will it.

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