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    Please introduce some software that convert object files to readable file .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sroshan View Post
    Please introduce some software that convert object files to readable file .
    This presumably belongs in a completely different thread. Can some Moderator split it out?

    And there are things that sort of do what you want:
    1. objdump/dumpbin in Linux and Windows will produce disassembly of objects files. They are available as part of the packages you need to compile something on the respective machines (that is, in "bintools" and "Visual Studio" respectively).

    2. Commercial symbolic disassemblers are available if you want something more than that.

    As discussed in another thread, to expect more than assembler out of an existing object file is like "Expecting to unbake a cake and come out with eggs, flour, butter and sugar" - too much of the original content is lost in the compilation process.

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