Thread: help with file again :P

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    Unhappy help with file again :P

    hello again

    thanks for helping me out in all stuffs everyone : ) but now i think i'm facing another problem with my program....

    how can we actually check, if a file has nothing at all (Blank), then the program would prompt the user theres no such record.

    i tried:

    cout<<"No such record(s)"<<endl;

    looks logical right?

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    wowww thanks

    uhhhh.....i'm sorry but i can't understand pointer and link lists :P
    is there a much simpler code?

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    thanks again..

    if( ( fd = fopen( file, "r" ) ) )
    while( fgetc( fd ) != EOF )

    else return 1;

    ( i == 0 ) ? puts( "file is void") : printf( "file is %d bytes big", i );
    return 0;

    hmmm...whats fgetc ?? and then, is "(i == 0)?" same as "if(i==0)" ??

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