Thread: Operators of abstract classes

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    Operators of abstract classes

    Can anyone please tell me how to define the operator functions for abstract classes..

    For example, there are two sub classes of a base abstract class.. So how to define the operator functions for them

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    If the operators don't need to know about the concrete type, it's easy. Just define them in the base as any others.

    If they're unary, you can make them virtual, though I would suggest you make the actual operator non-virtual in the base and call a virtual normal function from there. I don't know, it just seems like a better way to do it.

    If they're binary, you've got a binary dispatch case and then you're in real trouble.

    The thing is ... operator overloading is something typically done for value-like classes, whereas polymorphism is done for "identity-heavy" classes. The use cases where you'd need both should be very rare.
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