Thread: Please help me with blinking or flashing command

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    Please help me with blinking or flashing command

    Hi I am new in this forum and also in C++. So please help me I have a question.

    My teacher told me to write a program that asks a user for input and then it blinks the input text continuously. I cant think of anything. please help.

    So far I have done this much.
    using namespace std;
    viod main()
          cout << "\n hello mates!";
       } while (1);
    Please help and yeah I have (Microsoft Visual 6 compiler)


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    I think if you habve a monochrome monitor, setting the right bit in the attributes would make it blink. However, that is not available on colour graphics cards that we use nowadays. So what you most likely have to do is to draw and erase the text repeatedly. You may want to ask your teacher to clarify if that is the expected way to solve the problem, or if you are supposed to do something else.

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