Thread: Automatically make new elements of an array

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    Automatically make new elements of an array

    I'm working on a huge (by my standards) address book program, and it consists of the array of objects of a class Entry. Each element is one entry in the book.
    Please help me by telling-
    1.How to automatically add an element to the array of objects.
    2.How to automatically change the element of the array, first checking that all the preceeding elements (or maybe a unique value of each entry) are not null.

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    So, you want to have a "dynamic array".

    You could use a std::vector.

    If you want to "do it yourself" [e.g. because this is a school project, or you want to understand the basics of how this sort of thing works], then the principle is:
    1. You have a pointer to your items.
    2. You keep a "number of items" in the array.
    3. You keep size of the array. If number of items is bigger than size, then you need to allocate a new array [increase size by at least one], and copy the content of the old array into the new one.

    Another option is to use a linked list (or a binary tree, or similar).

    Or a "hybrid", where you use a linked list [or similar] to keep "chunks" with some number of items in each chunk, and when you need more space, you create a new chunk and link it in.

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    Hey, yeah, I googled std::vector and found a guide ( and linked lists are what they're using in class, I think (linked lists google find -
    Indeed, it is a school project, (which others will be neatly copying) which I wanted to do myself.
    Thanks, sir!
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