Thread: Please explain structure behaviour

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    Please explain structure behaviour

    Hi ,

    Can anybody explain me the strange behaviour of structure pointer......

    I have the following code....

    struct ABC
      int age;
      long salary;
      char* name;
    class file
       ABC* read(char*);
       void write(ABC*);
     ABC* file::read(char* namePass)
      ABC *a =new ABC;
     else{ return NULL;}
     return a;
    // The above function is called as follow in another CPP file......
    ABC *abc;
    file *m_file;
    ABC *abc =new ABC;
    delete abc;
    cout<<abc->age; // IT's returning valid value. 23
    I want to know that when I have deleted the pointer abc.....then why should it giving the correct value.......???????

    Please conside the case when it read function returns NULL......


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    Deleting a pointer neither sets your pointer to NULL, nor trashes the memory which was being pointed to.

    But then again, your code is broken to begin with, since you ignore the return result and leak the memory you allocate in your read() function.

    > then why should it giving the correct value
    No reason at all.
    Perhaps using a "debug" build which trashes memory as soon as you delete it would help you.
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