Thread: Code problems.....once again

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    Code problems.....once again

    Ok so now I'm having problems with another program I'm doing. the problem I have with this one is calculating the GPA. I think it has something to do with me do-while statement in the function where it gets the course grade. I'm not sure how to fix this though. This calculation is the only error in my code. Please somebody help me.

    I'll attach the C++ code and the program directions, if that helps.

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    void main() is no good, use int main(). See the FAQ for details.

    In ConvertToNumericGrade(), tolower() or toupper() from <cctype> would make your life easier. Also, from that same function, there's no need to return LetterToNumber, as it is passed as a reference to the function. And the parameter letterGrade doesn't even need to be passed as a reference, because you never change it. Oh, and perhaps instead of hardcoding 4, 3, etc, did you mean to use the global constant doubles A, B, C, D, and F?

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