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    Unhappy references to function in classes

    How can I get this one work?
    There is a class which gets a function f as an argument. This function is combined with other ones to a new function diff. So far it's fine.

    Now I want to pass this new function as a reference for further usage. I just can't get around this error the compiler gives me: " cannot convert ‘double (test::*)(double)’ to ‘double (*)(double)’ in assignment "

    I even don't understand the problem at all.

    //provides a function (diff) which gives the difference from an inputfuntion to zero.
    class test
      test() {diff = &standardFunc_;};
       double (*diff)(double x);
       void setFunc(double f(double x))
        func_ = f;
        diff = &test::calc_; //error:  cannot convert ‘double (test::*)(double)’ to ‘double (*)(double)’ in assignment 
      static double standardFunc_(double x) { return 0;}
      double (*func_)(double x);
      double calc_(double x)
        return func_(x) - standardFunc_(x);
    I need that for ceating an easy-to-use fit-interface for the gsl-library. For fitting I need to give some functions as refrences - but this doesn't work within a class .

    Hope somebody can help

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    Declaring function pointers to class member functions is a bit more involved than what you have at the moment.
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    references to function in classes

    thanks, i see... ok, i will read this Tutorial.

    Is there anybody who knows and wants to post an example how to use this class-function instead of any global (static) function?


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    Thank you for help and suggestions.

    I don't want to declare the method static, because it should be different for every object. Anyway, I've found a solution.

    For the given example:
    I declare a static vector of pointers to methods func_. There every object gets its own entry. Then, instead of using the method diff, I use calc_ with the appropriate method func_.

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