Thread: removing comments of type '//' and '/*'

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    Question removing comments of type '//' and '/*'

    help me in writing the code that takes a c or c++ file and deletes the comments and prints the output to other file

    totally 3 files r involved
    one removes the comments
    other is the program having comments
    other is output printed without any comments containing c or c++ code

    prethanks to the helper

    send the source code or provide link

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    This forum does not provide source code.

    That could be implemented as a state machine: while iterating over the input your program will be either in a "inside-a-comment" or "out-side-a-comment" state, outputting to the other file only in the latter case.

    This might be rather tricky as you'd also have to take into account that you may meet // inside a quote "//this is a string not a comment" and possibly malformed comments.
    I might be wrong.

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