Thread: Streaming video from ip camera

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    Streaming video from ip camera

    Could somebody give me some insight on how to program a live streaming feed from an ip camera in c++?

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    I have no idea, but what are the specs of the camera - what is the protocol [besides "IP"]? Does it do mpeg or some other streaming video protocol, or is it raw frames every time you request data, or what?

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    This might be very difficult, because it probably requires proprietary information only known by the camera maufacturer.

    I think You need the driver interface specs. For example, when you are dealing with a "standard" hardware device (like a printer), the hardware manufacturer conforms to the Windows specs when he writes the Windows driver. In that case the application-to-driver interface is standardized, and any Windows application can write to the Windows driver. (And, you can use standard WinAPI functions if you want to write your own application.)

    In this case, the application is probably written by the camera manufacturer, and the driver interface information may not be public or standardized.

    If the camera works with 3rd-party applications, you chances of digging-up the driver interface information is much better.

    Or, if this is a "web cam", and you can view the output with any browser, then the format will be public and standardized.

    If you knew the format/structure of the IP data, you could write your own driver. But again, this information is usually proprietary. (i.e. Printer manufacturer's don't generally publish information on how to "talk to" their hardware either, so it's very difficult to write your own USB printer driver.)
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