Thread: Calling external program and reading its output.

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    Question Calling external program and reading its output.

    I have a program that gathers data from a machine and outputs it to the command line from which it is called. I would like to write a program that calls the other program, reads its output, and writes that to a file. Here's an example of the output from the program:

    Polling slave ...
    [123]: 112
    [124]: 101
    [125]: 96
    [126]: 101
    [127]: 187
    [128]: 194
    [129]: 171
    [130]: 177
    [131]: -80
    [132]: 0
    [133]: 0
    [134]: 69
    [135]: 0
    [136]: 1016
    [137]: 0
    [138]: 2555
    [139]: 0
    [140]: 2437
    [141]: 108

    So I know I can use system() to call the program, but that only returns an integer when I need all that garbage above. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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    Just redirect the output of that program into a file.
    program > outputfile
    This can be done from within system(), or even from the command line. It's reasonably portable, as well, though it assumes that you have write permissions.

    Alternatively, and less portably but more conveniently, you could use popen(), if you wanted to process that data afterwards.

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    popen() doesn't exist in Windows (from MS CRT at least), but fortunatley there is a replacement called _popen() that apparently does similar enough a functionality to be perfect replacement. Using something like
    #define popen _popen
    should make it work.

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    I used the
    program > outputFile
    suggestion and it worked just fine. Thanks all!

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