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    stupid question...

    ok everyone, I have another stupid question...

    what's wrong with this function implementation?
    #include <map>
    #include <iterator>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    template <typename keyType, typename valueType>
    void display(map<keyType, valueType> &words_for_query, ostream &ofile=cout)
        map<keyType, valueType>::const_iterator istart = words_for_query.begin();   iend = words_for_query.end();
        for ( ;istart != iend; istart++)
            ofile << istart->first << ": " << istart->second << "\n";
    I use g++ to compile it. and the error report is:
    test.cpp:12: error: expected `;' before ‘istart’
    test.cpp:13: error: ‘iend’ was not declared in this scope
    test.cpp:14: error: ‘istart’ was not declared in this scope

    completely noob to c++, any help and suggestion appreciated!

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    I don't think it likes your map declaration, hence it doesn't appreciate a declaration of istart. You also didn't properly declare iend btw.

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    Two things I see. First, you need to add the keyword typename in front of map<keyType, valueType>::const_iterator.

    Second, you use the iend variable without declaring it. You probably meant to make that a comma instead of a semicolon just before it.

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    ahhhhhhhh,,,,I should use typename in this way!
    hehe,,,I haven't read anything about that in the book yet -_-#
    anyway, problem solved, thanks!

    the 3rd day

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