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    TCHAR* passing

    I call a function AreaName() which returns a TCHAR*. The problem is the return value is garbage - squares and Chinese characters. The function t.Areaname() comes from a static library. I checked the memory address AreaName points to on both sides and that is the same value. I think this must be a Unicode error, but since I'm using the same type, I'm a not sure what I should try. Thank you in advance -Patrick

    //my code
    const TCHAR* AreaName; //should be something like "Denver"
    AreaName = t.AreaName(); //garbage comes back 
    //this compiles into a library 
    virtual const TCHAR* AreaName() const			
    return m_EffectLoc.m_Area.m_AreaName;  //Using the debugger I can see this data is good
    struct AreaT
    TCHAR m_AreaName[STR_SIZE_64];

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    How are you printing it?

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