Thread: Moving Lapack++ dependent code to windows

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    Moving Lapack++ dependent code to windows

    I've written some code that makes heavy use of Lapack++ to do computations. The code compiles and runs correctly on my linux machine using GCC 3.3.5. The code is probably not of interest to anyone for this post, but here is my makefile:
    cc =  g++
    trg   =  yeh_bandgap
    src   =  yeh_bandgap.cpp utilities.cpp
    flags =  -W -Wall -O3 -I/usr/local/include/lapackpp -L/usr/local/lib -llapackpp
       $(cc) $(flags) -o $(trg) $(src)
       rm *.o $(trg)
    Now I must unfortunately move the code to Windows. It's just a command line program (no GUI); I just need it to correctly compile and link with Lapack++. We have access to MSVC and any free solutions. I tried (for varying amounts of time) MSVC, MinGW, and gcc through Cygwin (although I'd prefer a native solution, not an emulator). I wasn't able to link with the Lapack++ libraries using any of these methods, probably because I am unfamiliar with the compilers.

    Does anyone have suggestions on which compiler I should use, and how to correctly link to the Lapack++ libraries? I'd like to make as few changes to the code as possible (ideally, none).

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    You need two things:
    - fix the paths in the makefile to reflect the new locations.
    - recompile the Lapack library (if you have all the source), or get a library from the home site which is compatible with your chosen machine/compiler.
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