Thread: std::getline problems

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    std::getline problems

    Hi guys, here i am again with a problem.

    i am having a problem with std::getline. In my program, it made no compile time errors, but when i run it, all it do is skip over the actual line, and run whats on the next line.

    and btw, can someone tell me if they know a good free cpp debugger.

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    Post code.

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    Sounds like you've done

    cin >> someVar;

    then followed it with a getline()

    I suppose this is where you would use something like
    There are many examples of it's usage on the board.

    Of course, the better answer would be to always use getline to read input into a string, then perform whatever validation and conversion was appropriate on that string.
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    this wont work out smoothly...

    As suggested, POST CODE

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    Quote Originally Posted by _lazycat_ View Post
    and btw, can someone tell me if they know a good free cpp
    What compiler are you using? Most compiler packages come with a suitable debugger.

    You can get Visual Studio 2005 for free from Microsoft, which comes with a good debugger. Or if you want a Free Software model debugger, gdb is an option.

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