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    please i need help

    Programming Assignments Program 5

    You're writing a simple invoicing program for the Acme Carpet Company. Your program will ask for the following information:

    Length and width of the room to be carpeted, in feet (integer)
    The percent discount the customer receives, if any (float or double)
    The unit price of the carpet in dollars per square foot (float or double)
    The output should show the calculated area and a summary of charges. The labor charge is $0.42 per square foot. The "Installed carpet" total is the cost of the carpet plus the labor charge. The discount is applied to the installed price. The subtotal is the installed price minus the discount. Sales tax of 8.5% is applied to the discounted price. Your program should display a detailed invoice as shown below. Your formatting need not match exactly, but should be neatly laid out, and decimal points should be aligned.

    Your program should use at least the following 6 functions:

    Get data from the user, passing parameters by reference. Check for any "impossible" values (negative room dimensions, etc) and loop repeatedly until the user enters valid input.
    Calculate the installed price of the carpet, given the room area and cost per square foot.
    Calculate the subtotal, given the installed price and discount rate.
    Calculate the total (with tax), given the subtotal.
    Print the measurement portion of the results
    Print the charges portion of the results
    Obviously, you may use any other functions you find necessary in solving the problem.

    Use a const declaration to hold the labor charge and tax rate.

    >> View/Complete Assignment: Program 5

    Program 6

    Due 10 PM, Oct 22.

    The introductory computer science course at Wassamatta U. has 8 programming assignments and 4 exams. The program scores are averaged, and account for 60% of the course grade. Each of the exams is 10% of the course grade.

    Your input is in a text file. The file lists, for each student, the student ID number, first name, last name, 8 program scores, and 4 exam scores. All scores are on a 0-100 scale.

    Your output should list the above information for each student, the average of the programs, the average of the exams, the overall course average, and the letter grade of the course. (Use the same scale as CS 101, found elsewhere on the Blackboard site.) At the end of the file, the program should also report the highest overall average, lowest overall average, and the average of all students in the class.

    For this program, you may "hard-code" the file names into your program. Your program should not make any assumptions about how many students are in the course. Your output need not be formatted the same way as the sample output file below, but should be neatly laid out, well organized, and easy to read. Your program should use appropriate functional decomposition.

    >> View/Complete Assignment: Program 6

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    Try it first. Ask specific questions.

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    I don't think any part of this thread followed the rules.

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    Quite correct.
    All the buzzt!

    "There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, any programming language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad code."
    - Flon's Law

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