Thread: question about wchar_t, wcout, charset, unicode

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    question about wchar_t, wcout, charset, unicode

    wchar_t test[] = { L"a  " };
    wcout << test << endl;
    The output inside the console is still messed up. The a looks normal, other chars not.

    Can you tell me what to search for to get ride with any (yes any, I mean also chinese) charset and to learn to program cross language?

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    I don't believe "wide chars" are supported generically in console mode - you'll have to load the "correct" codepage to make them work.

    For graphical applications, it should work straight away as you've got it written.

    I could be wrong!

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    Works fine for me, but I'm on Linux.

    The problem is that wcout converts the characters to some other encoding and writes them out. Presumably, it converts them to Windows-1252, which is the most common Windows narrow encoding. But the console uses not the ANSI codepage, but the OEM codepage, which typically is CP437 (I think, US) or CP850 (Europe). Thus, you get garbage.

    So matsp is right. You have to set the console to wide mode in order for it to work. (Well, I hope it works then.)
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