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    Graphic Programming?

    my friend is a CS major, i also have been doing programming for some years (made a UO server back in the day..) now we are trynig to recreate the game "tankwars" but we really have NO idea how to do graphics in C++

    PLEASE give us some advice on where to start.. we downloaded allegro today and have been reading thru that. is C++ the language to use? should we use DOS or windows? we got the scource code for some old funky game but could not understand how it drew to the screen (and didn't want to spend hours figureing it out)

    so let me know where to start, what functions to use or where a good tutorial is, i glanced at the graphics programming tutorial son the main page, but it said it was a joke to do it that way... so how should we do it!?

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    Look into using allegro with DOS or Windows.
    I would personally go with windows, but using allegro makes porting code is easy.
    C or C++ would be the way to go.
    What languages do you already know? Im sure your CS major friend should know C++
    check out or search on for allegro

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    OpenGL would be a good idea too.

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