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    Display selected words from text file

    i have a text file with 20 words. And when user enter any number between 1- 20 it will display out the selected word.

    eg. in text file i have;


    when user enter "1" when prompt, apple will display out on screen.

    Can someone give me an ideal of how can i display out the selected words when user entered any number between 1-20?

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    You may want to read the homework policy:

    Show us that you are trying, then ask specific questions.

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    Open the file. Read the words line by line (perhaps using getline) into a string container and push that onto a vector<string> container which will store all your words from the file. You can then prompt the user for the number and use the value as an index into the vector from which to obtain the value you wish to display.
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    If you don't know vectors, you can use a regular array since you know the file will have exactly 20 lines. The user's choice of 1-20 can be converted to an array index.

    Are you studying arrays right now?

    If you haven't learned arrays, and only loops or something, you could open the file and count how many words you've read in.

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