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    seg fault


    I am writing classes for a card game and trying to use vector for my deck. However when i run the program, it spites out seg fault.

    The place where seg fault appears is in this function
    void CardItem::Add(const vector<Card>& addon, unsigned int pos){
    	Require(pos < addon.size());
    	vector<Card>::iterator position = subdeck.begin()+pos;
    	cout << endl << "Add(const vector<Card>& addon, int pos) " << endl;
    	for(unsigned int i = 0; i < addon.size(); ++i){
    		cout << i << "   val " << addon[i].getVal() << "   suit " << addon[i].getSuit() << endl;
    		subdeck.insert(position+i, subdeck.back());
    before subdeck.push_back...., the cout right above the push_back is fine thru.

    The class of CardItem looks something like this
    class CardItem{
    		virtual ~CardItem(){};
    		virtual void Shuffle(int flag);
    		virtual void Sort(int flag);
    		vector<Card>* Remove(const unsigned int start, const unsigned int end);
    		vector<Card>* Remove(const val_t val, const suit_t suit);
    		void Add(const vector<Card>& addon, unsigned int pos);
    		void Add(const val_t val, const suit_t suit);
    		int getNumCards() const {return subdeck.size();}
    		vector<Card> subdeck;
    class Hand:public CardItem{
    		virtual ~Hand(){};
    		virtual void Sort(int flag);
    		vector<Card> putDown;
    class BaseDeck:public CardItem{
    		virtual ~BaseDeck(){};
    		virtual int CreateBase(const val_t start, const val_t end, const suit_t suit_start, const suit_t suit_end);
    The function is called in the following code
    void CardGame::Deal(unsigned int player){
    	vector<Card> *temp;
    	temp = baseDeck.Remove(1,1);
    	players[player].Add(*temp, 0);
    	delete temp;
    I am not sure whether this is the right way to pass the content of a vector around, but it is the only way that I can think of.

    I would really appreciate if someone can give me some idea on the seg fault


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    My guess is that the push_back invalidates the position iterator. It also looks like you're inserting each card twice.
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