Thread: Creating a Dev-C++ Project File

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    Exclamation Creating a Dev-C++ Project File

    I broke up my program into an implementation file, a header file and a client source code file. I am using Dev-C++ and am having trouble getting the project file to link everthing and build the project.

    So I have, say a, class.h which contains the class definition, class.cpp which contains the implementation, and client.cpp which is the driver program.

    Which header files should I include in each of the three separate files. Also, should I be including things like <string> and <iostream> in class.h, class.cpp and client.cpp? And should I also include the 'using namespace std' in all three?


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    You should include whichever standard header files you need in any of the .h or .cpp files, but never use a using directive in a header file, since it takes effect automatically in any file unfortunate enough to include it. Same goes for using declarations.

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