Thread: Strings for Non-char Data Types?

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    Strings for Non-char Data Types?

    Is it possible (or practical) to use strings to hold data types other than text strings and characters?

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    A string holding text strings is definitely not useful.

    A basic_string of wchar_t is very useful and even has its own typedef wstring (just as string is a typedef for a basic_string of char).

    If you want other types, which is certainly possible and can be useful for some character encodings, you need to specialize the char_traits template on this type.
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    You mean like std::vector<unsigned char> ?
    That should be able to store any kind of bytes from 0x00 to 0xFF.

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    It's possible, but not practical.
    int, char, BOOL, HANDLE, are all just different size byte groups; For example, char[4] can hold the exact same data as int.
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