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    If you read my original post, I have edited it to show the solution I have come up with. I have been able to devise an algorithm to multiply two polynomials through the iteration and I have traced the general idea and it works. But currently, it does not work in my program and I have a good feeling that it has to do with the for loops inside the while loop, but I can't nail the exact problem. Can someone provide a hint as to what is the problem is so that I can get back on track? Thanks.

     int sizeA = tmpPoly.PolyTerms.size();
     int size = b.PolyTerms.size();
     while(sizeA > 0)
      for(It = tmpPoly.PolyTerms.begin(); It != tmpPoly.PolyTerms.end(); ++It)
       for(It2 = tmpPoly2.PolyTerms.begin(); It2 != tmpPoly2.PolyTerms.end(); ++It2)       
        exp = (*It) + (*It2);
        coeff = (*It) * (*It2);
        if(size > 0) //size of the second polynomial
         //reset It iterator to first term since there are still more terms to 
         //multiply in the second polynomial.
         It = tmpPoly.PolyTerms.begin();    
        //If the size of tmpPoly2 is 0 then 
        //we have multiplied all of the terms in tmpPoly2 by the first term in 
        //tmpPoly but tmpPoly still has more terms. So since tmpPoly has an exp 
        //followed by coefficient, subtract 2 from sizeA, and delete the first pair of
        //exponent, coefficient and the while loop should repeat the process. Also,
        //tmpPoly2 size is reset.
       sizeA = (sizeA - 2);
       cout << "SizeA is: " << sizeA << endl;
       if(size == 0)
         //remove first two enties in tmpPoly
         for(int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
          It = tmpPoly.PolyTerms.begin();
         It2 = tmpPoly2.PolyTerms.begin();
         size = tmpPoly2.PolyTerms.size();
       if(sizeA == 0)
        cout << "sizeA is 0. We're finished!: " << sizeA << endl;
       }//end tmpPoly2 for loop
      }//end tmpPoly for loop
     }//end while
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