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    makefile question


    I have some basic questions about makefile. The makefile I wrote looks like this

    CC = g++
    target = card.exe
    all : $(target)
    $(target) : main.o card.o cardItem.o
    	$(CC) -Wall main.o card.o cardItem.o -o $(target)
    card.o : card.h card.cpp 
    	$(CC) -c card.cpp card.h 
    cardItem.o : cardItem.cpp cardItem.h 
    	$(CC) -c cardItem.cpp cardItem.h 
    clean :
    	-rm *.o $(target)
    cardItem.h is linked with card.h ie. inside cardItem.h I have #include "card.h". Does that mean the dependence list of cardItem.o also need to include card.h and card.cpp?

    Also do I need to have -Wall for card.o and cardItem.o in order to have the compile check all the code?


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    Remove the .h files from the $(CC) lines.
    You don't compile them directly, they're #included by the source.

    > Also do I need to have -Wall for card.o and cardItem.o in order to have the compile check all the code?
    No, it's too late for -Wall to do it's job when you're combining .o files into an executable.
    Add -Wall to the $(CC) lines (along with the -c option).

    Investigate the $CFLAGS make variable.
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