Thread: i get illegal operation.

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    i get illegal operation.

    im new in C++

    this is only a sample code:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    int main () {
        char *a;
        char *b;
        char *c;
        char *d;
        ifstream ab ("word.txt");
        ifstream bb ("wordlist.txt");
        ab>>c; //line 11    b=c;
        bb>>d; //line 14
    note: the text with red font is the coz of "illegal operation" but if i change it to a same variable i dont recieve illegal operation but whenever line 14 is executed both variable b and a change to the value from the document.

    this is the problem if i use same variable to line 11 and 14:
    i change the variable c to d from line 11.

    b=d; meaning if string from the word.txt is aaaa, b = "aaaa"
    when line 14 is executed
    a=d; if string from wordlist.txt is bbbb supposed to be a= "bbbb"
    but b is also become b= "bbbb"

    any help!!

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    Your pointers a, b, c and d are pointing at "random" locations, you need to allocate some memory, or otherwise point at some valid memory location.

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    Just use std::string instead of raw char pointers.
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    i am new in C++ and dont know how to allocate memory can you give me a sample? thanks

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    Just use std::string instead.

    Here's a quick introduction:

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