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    help with identifier

    i super new to c++ and i'm taking the second semester course, which i never took the first, so it's kinda hard for me with the syntax and all. here's my issue:

    int getMenuOption()
    int menuOption;
    cout << "Please make a selection:" << endl;
    cout << "1. Enter information for a plane." << endl;
    cout << "2. View information for a plane." << endl;
    cout << "3. Exit the program." << endl;
    menuOption = getValidInt("Enter the menu option: "); // <-- 'getValidInt': identifier not found
    return menuOption;
    int getValidInt(char *prompt)
    { // <-- 'getValidInt' : redefinition; previous definition was 'formerly unknown identifier'
    const int MAX = 80;
    char buffer[MAX];
    int i;
    cout << prompt;
    cin.getline(buffer, MAX);
    while (strlen(buffer) != strspn(buffer, "1234567890"))
    cout << "Invalid integer - please re-enter: ";
    cin.getline(buffer, MAX);
    i = atoi(buffer);
    return i;
    i hope this is all the code needed to figure it out. thanks

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    int getValidInt(char *prompt);
    Put that at the top right after including the necessary headers.

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    If you indent your code, you will find it much easier to follow, and people on message board will be more inclined to help you.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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