Thread: weird redefinition of bool error

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    weird redefinition of bool error

    The compiler says there is a redefinition of BOOL bsuccess, at the same line. So basically it is a redefinition of itself?

    tables.h    4    error: `BOOL bsuccess' previously defined here
    tables.h    4    error: redefinition of `BOOL bsuccess'
    Says they are both on line 4. There are a couple other BOOLs that are having the same error below it. I have some BOOLs in other header files and they don't have this problem. What gives?

    BOOL bsuccess = false;
    BOOL bfail = false;

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    My guess is that you are including tables.h twice without include guards.

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    I don't think inclusion guards help against this. Each cpp file that includes the header, will see this definition again.

    If you really need globals, you should use the extern keyword.

    //in header
        extern BOOL success;
    //in one cpp file
        BOOL success = false;
    I might be wrong.

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    Actually, there are two ways of doing it.

    You could have only one definition, as you've done it. Or you could declare a different instance of success in each source file, by using the static keyword. This is probably not what you want, however, because each variable would be independent, and setting one variable would not effect the others.

    Your code works, however, when only one source file is including the header file.

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    Thanks guys. I was declaring tables.h in two different files. Once in the .cpp file and again in another header file for some reason.

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