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    "Cheat Engine"

    Hi.. I'm new here (I thought I'd signed up here before, but I guess not), and I signed up because I was wondering a lot about the main programming of something called Cheat Engine.. to understand what I talk about from here on, you might meed to download this program and do the tutorial to understand what parts of it I'm referring to.. but I'll try to explain what I mean..

    First off, this program opens up a running process and lets you scan all the addresses inside (Byte, 2 Byte, 4 Byte, 8 Byte, float, double, text) for values you specify (exact, increased, decreased, unchanged), and continue scanning until you've found the address you want... I was wondering what sort of code you would use to read and write to addresses, view the ASM code (and flags) at those addresses, find out what reads from and writes to those addresses, etc.

    Also, I was wondering about the code to open the process..

    I was also actually wondering about the code that certain programs (GunZ Game, for example) use to block external programs from changing values, freezing them, opening the process, disabling scans, etc... I'm very interested in hacking (legally) the client-side parts of games like this, because it's very intellectually challenging, and more fun than playing the game if you make them yourself... any help towards anything I've missed would be appreciated too...

    thanks, RobotGymnast

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    This thread walks a fine line and is very close to violating our forum guidelines. Well behaved programs have no reason to spy on other program's memory and certainly have no reason to alter its contents. If you want to program and have a question ask it. If you want to hack someone else's code or spy on other processes memory I suggest you go somewhere else.
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