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    Trouble with writing a plugin

    I have written the functionality for a plugin for a program, Milkshape3D. For now, I am converting from the .ms3d format to my format manually. I no longer wish to do this, I wish to export to my format from within the MS3D program itself. That is what plugins are for.

    I am modifying the existing plugins to see that I can export new functionality. I cannot, however, export to a new dll. E.g., I am currently modifying the workspace to msASCIIExporter.dll. If I go to project->settings and change the export name, it does export a .dll, but it does not show up inside milkshape3D.

    If I leave the name of the exported DLL to msASCIIExporter.dll I can do anything I want to the actual functionality, including throw in the implementation of my plugin. I cannot, however, manage to both change the name of the exported DLL and have it work inside ms3d.

    I try exporting to NTGLExport.dll rather than msASCIIExporter.dll the option for exporting to NTGL no longer shows up inside Milkshape3D.

    I have tried changing the export symbols in the .def file, making sure that all of the project settings are consistent, but somehow I am missing something, and I'm not sure what. I have meticulously been checking every option in Project->Settings but I am not sure what I am missing.

    I don't know if including the code is pertinent because this seems to be more about project settings, not specific code. Regardless, I have uploaded the workspace *for the working version of the exporter.* This is the plugin for converting to .MS3D to simple ASCII. When I go to, say, project and then settings and change the export dll name to, say, NTGLExport.dll, it will build the .dll but NTGL will not show up in Milkshape3D.

    It is a 9KB download. There are no executables included such that you know that there are no viruses (no .dll, .lib .exp or the like). Should readily build with VC6 (I had to use the older version of VC6 as that is the version that the workspaces are in, but I believe it should work with at least .NET 2003).
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