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    Create random array

    Hello. Im looking for a good way to make a array in random order. But I really cant come up with anything good. Thought of something like this(sorry if syntax is wrong, but I guess you can see what Im trying to do):

    // variable to set the number in correct place in second array
    int i = 0;
    // Create 1 array with values and one where we will make the numbers in random order
    int[3] numbers = {1,2,3};
    int[3] randomNum = {};
    // run as long as the last element in the second array is empty
    while(randomNum[2] == null){
       // take a random element from first array and put it into the second array
       int random = rand()%2;
       randomNum[i] = numbers[random];
    Just one problem here is that I might take same numbers from the first array many times. Maybe can be solved by setting the value taken from first array to "null" into the while{} somehow? Feels like a bad solution. Or? What do you think. Any tips?

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    For such purposes I find std::random_shuffle in <algorithm> useful.

    #include <algorithm>
    int main()
        const int MAX = 3;
        int numbers[MAX] = {1, 2, 3};
        std::random_shuffle(numbers, numbers + MAX);
        //values are now in random order in numbers
    I might be wrong.

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    Anon's solution is a good one.

    If you want to do this yourself, you will need to keep a list of which numbers you've taken (or perhaps, if that's more appropriate, remove the "taken" from the original list, e.g set numbers[random] = 0, and check the picking method to see if the number is zero, in which case you start again).

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    Tons of thanks. That random_shuffle was very easy. Perfect for my purpose =)

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