Thread: *.obj files?

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    *.obj files?

    what are these obj files cl.exe puts out when i compile?

    are they needed?

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    They are intermediate files in compilation. They save time in compiling projects. If you delete them, the next time you compile your project, they will be replaced.
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    if you are familiar with the process of making an "executable" file in c++ then this explanation will be easy to understand...

    when you finish writing your source code you save it as ...... FileNameGoesHere.cpp........ the next step is to compile it.....your compiler at that time makes an object "FileNameGoesHere.obj" file from the ".cpp" source code file.........Next step is Invoking a Linker, who makes an executable ".exe" file from your object file ".obj".........

    After your executable file ".exe" is created, then you no longer need the object nor source code can run your program by just "double clicking at it" (considering you are in windows"

    The ".obj" file is a intermediate form........kind a like a "temporary file"......

    Hope this helped.........


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    thx helped out

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